How to reach Chartres easily?

If you are doing a road trip in France, you will of course stay a few days in Paris to explore the city of lights and I can’t blame you, Paris is amazing!

It is very easy to reach Chartres from Paris and it takes only one hour by train.

Chartres is located 85 kms (53 miles) South-West from Paris.

carte paris chartres.png

You can take a train at the station Paris Montparnasse, early in the morning you have a train every half hours and then every hours.

You may check departure on the SNCF Website.

Depending on where you are staying in Paris, you have different metros taking you to this station : line 4 , line 6, line 12 and line 13.

You may use RATP application  or city mapper to find the easiest way!

how to reach montparnasse.png

You can book tickets directly in Montparnasse, prices don’t fluctuate or book them on line.

On your way to Chartres, you will cross various cities, Versailles (watch out the view from the train you will see all Paris and if you are lucky you may even catch sight of « Le Château de Versailles« ), then Rambouillet ( known for its large forest and castle), Epernon (lovely countryside), Maintenon ( you might have heard of its famous castle bought by Louis XIV to his love? If you don’t know the story, you may discover it later on another article), and last but not least your final destination : Chartres.

Cost for one way by train: 16€ for more than 26 years old. Please note that if you are under 26, you can select the discovery ticket and it will be cheaper! 


You may also chose the option to rent a car, which can be a good idea if you are staying more than two days and you wanna explore around Chartres. It takes some time to get away from Paris Center so plan 1h30 to reach Chartres. Take the highway A10 following Orléans-Chartres.

Cost of entry of the highway: 6€

No matter how you are gonna reach Chartres, you are more than welcome!

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