Secrets about the cathedral…

Isn’t it amazing that in a not so big city a huge cathedral has been risen?

Do you think it is a coincidence ?

I am telling you, it is not! Notre Dame de Chartres is located on an ancient Celtic temple. They did not chose this specific place anyhow: it is because of the strong positive telluric currents. 

Indeed it is a place to meditate, to reach god and to transform people that is why it is so important to chose the right location. 

It is still a mystery, from where the money came from to build this church? Indeed reconstruction after the church burnt in 1194 took only 26 years!!! And at the same time in France many cathedral were under construction such as Paris , Rouen or Reims as a few example! 

The geometric of the church is perfect: based on the golden ratio and on mysterious tables… the round table, the square table and the rectangle table. Is there a link with the knights of the round table? Could be … 

Some historians are indeed thinking that different tables existed and had to be protect and kept secret. They are revealing construction formulas that were used to build the Keops pyramid in Egypt and many religious building like Notre Dame de Chartres. 

Without those table we are enable to rebuild those places even with our modern technology! It is proven: modern architects are not capable to reproduce a cathedral! Amazing fact?!

Observe the cathedral and you will notice it is telling you a story! Just from the outside with the gothic style of building. All secrets are written in cathedral we just need to understand and interpret them. 

Another secret is inside the cathedral. If you don’t know it it is hard to notice! The cathedral is so full of information!

Go on the south transept and watch your feet: you will discover a rectangular stone with a golden nail planted on it. Why?

Look up to the stained-glass window… do you see a tiny little hole on it? 

On June 21st, the summer solcist, a ray of sunlight is crossing the stained-glass window and point directly on the nail on the floor! 

What is this supposed to show us? Can it be a coincidence? Was it placed here for fun? 

One of the explanation is that it was to fix the exact hour of the cathedral. However it is probably not only for that… unfortunately we are missing historical document about it. There is certainly another reason to be reveal…


The next big mystery is the labyrinth… this will be the object of a new article! 

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