Lunch 🍴 at La Cour: hôtel Monarque

The Grand Monarque hôtel is very well known and reputed in Chartres. I especially love the Madrigal bar during summer where you can enjoy great cocktails 🍸 or simply a glass of champagne 🥂 in the outside terrasse. Today I tried the restaurant La Cour for lunch.

I had some expectations as everybody talks about this famous hotel!

I have to precise that La Cour is like a bistronomic brasserie, it is not the one Michelin Star restaurant.

So, as we where here to celebrate my dad’s birthday 🎁 we started with the La Cour cocktail 🍸 It is Champagne with elderflower, rose and aloe Vera: amazing presentation and so tasty!

➕cheese gougères were delicious.


We ordered 3 different starters:

Foie Gras, Pâté de Chartres ( speciality of the city!) and marinated salmon.

➕foie gras was well cooked and seasoned and pâté well presented

➖marinated salmon was a bit dry even with the cream sauce. They should add one more toast with the foie gras it was not enough.


Dish of the day: chicken and mashed potatoes with oyster mushrooms, Shrimps and St. Jacques shells salade and the duck foie gras burger.

➕chicken was very tender, probably cooked low temperature, the salade was colorful and vinaigrette original, bread burger is made with black curry it was a real discovery!

➖in the menu, mashed potatoes were supposed to be with parmigiano cheese but it was regular, the cheese was on the salade next to it. Mushroom tasted nothing like unseasoned. Shrimps on the salade were undercooked almost raw, had to ask to be cooked again.

Only my dad ordered dessert. On the menu nothing was chocolate based! I thought the choices for desserts was not very attractive.

The café gourmand was very simple. For me it looked a bit old school like at the beginning of this new trend. I don’t know how you feel about café gourmand but for me it should make you dream! Many small desserts to try! We tried it was all right but disappointing for this type of restaurant.


Maybe I am a bit difficult and picky ( but that is because I am experienced in F&B service) but here are my thoughts.

Waiters could be a bit more smily and friendly. The transition between dishes is not fluide , we felt it was a bit long between the various meal. Some information are not specified on the menu, chef de rang should tell you when serving. ( ok not like in a gastronomic restaurant but for example the black curry in the bread is something guest should know, you never know about allergies , same for the salad: you have peanuts inside!) , our waiter was nice but not super natural when asking if everything was all right. Also small detail, my mom did not have the right knife to eat the chicken and nobody noticed. When we left before paying Maître d’hôtel did not even ask if we had a good time, he was talking about reservations with his colleague. They gave us our coat but forgot to remove the scarf they put inside the sleeve. Again : attention to details , I think it is the basics. Guest should have at least a bit of attention.


Some small mistakes in the kitchen but very good cuisine in general even thought I found a lack of creativity in the menu. Service should be improved in term of attitude and attention to details. What do you think? When I go to a restaurant I want not only to have great food but also great service with nice people telling me stories about what I am gonna eat.

Did you tried this restaurant? Tell me about your experience!

I still recommend this place, as the hotel is very nice but price is too expensive for the service you get.

Do not hesitate to comment with your experience!

Bon appétit !

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